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Slasher Horror Film Friday the 13th 3 poster

Friday the 13th Part III

Released - 1982
Genre - Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Director - Steve Miner
Starring - Dana Kimmell, Paul Kratka, Larry Zerner, Richard Brooker

Friday the 13th III follows on from part two as once again a group of teens choose a bad spot for a vacation and run afoul of an angry Jason Voorhees. Before they do, however, they manage to antagonise a local biker gang and when the bikers turn up for revenge the body count begins to climb. The murder scenes are pretty inventive but the fx and gore lack Savini's flair. This is the film where Jason gets his trademark hockey mask taking it from the corpse of a fat, geeky practical joker who provides the fake scare builds ups in the early part of the movie. This was a 3D release so there are several scenes which were obviously designed to make the theatre audience duck.

Bodycount - 12

Gore - some gore and imaginative violent murder scenes

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