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Slasher Horror Film Friday the 13th poster

Friday the 13th

Released - 1980
Genre - Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Director - Sean S. Cunningham
Starring - Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Harry Crosby, Kevin Bacon

Friday the 13th spawned one of the most successful slasher franchises ever created. A group of teen counsellors prepare Camp Crystal Lake for the summer until someone begins violently killing them off one by one. This basic blueprint formed the basis for the majority of the sequels and slasher films in general. While the plot and acting, despite an early appearance from Kevin Bacon, are fairly weak the make-up and fx from Tom Savini are typically excellent and the film has a fantastic sting in the tail. Friday the 13th was a surprise hit and Paramount rushed the first of many sequels into production immediately. It hasn't aged particularly well and the slasher genre has gone on to produce many superior films so modern horror fans might not find it that entertaining.

Bodycount - 10

Gore - some gore and imaginative violent murder scenes

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