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Slasher Horror Film Friday the 13th 7 poster

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Released - 1988
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - John Carl Buechler
Starring - Kane Hodder, Lar Park-Lincoln, Susan Jennifer Sullivan, Kevin Spirtas

This is a brutal outing for Jason as he faces off against a psychic girl named Tina. The comical tone of part VI is dispensed with in favour of a gritty murder fest, although there are some unintentionally funny moments. Tina accidentally resurrects Jason and he hacks his way through a group of teens who make all the usual mistakes, drugs, drinking and sex always lead to death in slasher flicks. Her evil psychiatrist is deliberately upsetting her to provoke her psychic powers and she develops them just in time to fight the murderous Voorhees. This was heavily cut for release but the body count is high and Jason is on top menacing form with loads of imaginative murders.

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Bodycount - 16

Gore - some nasty gory murders as Jason gets busy including the sleeping bag murder and a party hooter in the eye

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