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Slasher Horror Film Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday poster

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Released - 1993
Genre - Horror, Action
Director - Adam Marcus
Starring - Kane Hodder, John D. LeMay, Steven Culp, Kari Keegan

This is the ninth film in the series and was yet another failed attempt to make the last Friday the 13th film. It differs from the rest of the series and starts with Jason getting utterly obliterated in an explosion. The coroner is mysteriously compelled to devour the evil heart of Jason and the killing continues. As the locals back at Crystal Lake celebrate his death a bounty hunter warns that his evil lives on. We learn a bit about the Voorhees family but there is very little Jason action. Sure there are lots of gory deaths and gross out scenes but the hockey mask villain is absent for most of the film as his evil possesses various other bodies. While fans wanted more Jason action what they got instead was a whole lot of badly written back story and bucket loads of gore and nudity don't save this from being a rotten entry in the series.

Bodycount - 25

Gore - lots of gore and general sliminess

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