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Important Questions About Zombies
Find an answer to the zombie questions that have been keeping you awake at night.

Hillbilly Horror Rules
Hillbilly or survival horror films always follow a formula and here are the rules.

Birth of the Zombie Genre
An article about the rise of the zombie genre in horror films.

Most Ridiculous Horror Movie Resurrections
The horror genre is forever bringing dead killers back to life, here we take a look at the most ridiculous examples.

Top Ten Shocking Horror Film Deaths
A list of the top ten unexpected shocking death scenes from horror films.

Horror Movie Clichés
An article which takes a comical look at common clichés in horror movies.

Greatest Slasher Villains
Who are the greatest villains from the slasher genre? Check out our list here.

Best Comedy Horror Films
There are a lot of bad comedy horror films so here's some help finding the good ones.

Less is More
Taking a look at the relationship between screen time and how scary a horror villain is.

The history of vampires and their continuing influence on modern culture.

Vampire Rules
General rules about vampires, strengths, weaknesses and how to kill them.

Vampire Hunters should carry an Ankh
Five reasons why vampire hunters should carry a sterling silver ankh instead of a cross.

The Best and Worst Stephen King Horror Movies
Here are the top five and worst five horror films inspired by Stephen King books and stories.


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Dario Argento
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Horror Characters

Freddy Krueger
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