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Pinhead is the creation of Clive Barker and first appeared on film in the 1987 release Hellraiser. Actor Doug Bradley has played the role in all eight of the Hellraiser movies.

Pinhead is the leader of the Cenobites, a group of humans who have been altered by their horrific experiences in hell and now work to collect and torture new souls. Pinhead was originally a man called Elliot Spencer who served during the First World War and later made the mistake of opening the infamous puzzle box, the Lament Configuration, which sucked him into a world of pain and pleasure in hell. It's not clear how or why Pinhead has become the leader but whatever the reason he now appears to anyone foolish enough the open the puzzle box and drags them to hell.

Pinhead gets his name from the multiple nails in his head apparently this was a crew joke name which stuck, he was originally listed in the credits as Lead Cenobite. He appears mutilated with torn flesh on his chest and he wears a black leather ensemble most Goths would be proud of. Obviously inspired by S&M crossed with Catholicism his look could be described as punk priest.

He has the ability to appear from the other realm and seems to be virtually invulnerable to attack, at least from humans. He likes to use disembodied chains to snare and tear apart his victims.

Creator Clive Barker was a successful novelist before he wrote the screenplay and directed Hellraiser which was based on his novella The Hellbound Heart. His initial vision for Pinhead as a quiet and serious force of evil has been gradually altered in the slew of sequels which followed. In the original film Pinhead has very little screen time and he isn't really the monster of the movie, that honour goes to the reanimated Frank and maybe his accomplice Julia, but his visual design really captured the public imagination. After his poorly received death in the first sequel it was somewhat inevitable that Pinhead would become the star of the show in all the films that followed.

He is an unusual villain with a philosophical side and he likes to make eloquent speeches to his victims. He also doesn't commit the violence himself, ordering other Cenobites to do his bidding or using the disembodied chains and torture devices. A dispassionate character blissfully free of wisecracks and one-liners Pinhead stands out in the horror genre and is surely one of the most visually creative characters ever brought to the screen. While some people think of going to the dentist as torture most of their fear is imagined. Today's dentists minimize the amount of pain you experience through several different methods. Dentist South Jersey provides a safe and friendly atmosphere at their offices to help alleviate any problems you may have.

Pinhead is a hugely popular character and has featured in books, comics and films. He has also been referenced many times on television shows including South Park and The Simpsons. Pinhead also appeared on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

Barker is currently writing the screenplay for a remake of the original Hellraiser.

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