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Supernatural Horror Film Hellraiser 3 poster

Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth

Released - 1992
Genre - Horror, Action, Fantasy
Director - Anthony Hickox
Starring - Paula Marshall, Terry Farrell, Ken Carpenter, Doug Bradley

Pinhead is back but he's trapped in a statue pillar. Bought by a narcissistic club owner who is easily convinced to feed him bodies, Pinhead soon gets loose and begins to build a new army of cenobites. It's up to a nosy journalist to defeat him by contacting his good side in some kind of weird dream realm. This is action-packed stuff with big set-piece slaughter scenes and explosions. It reminds me of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, as part three in that series reduced Kreuger to witty one liners and the visual design began to look like a horror theme park, so here Pinhead becomes the focus and the chilling nature of the original film is completely lost. There were several sequels after this which are much worse so this is probably the last Hellraiser film which is worth a look, but don't expect anything as dark as the first two films.

Gore - Pinhead eats several people before he gets loose and then it's major carnage all the way

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