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Steve Miner

Steve Miner was born in 1951 and grew up in Connecticut. He had an early interest in film and collaborated with Sean S. Cunningham and Wes Craven on a low budget horror. He was assistant producer on Wes Craven's debut film The Last House on the Left. He was also an associate producer on Friday the 13th before moving into direction himself.

His directorial debut came in 1981 with Friday the 13th 2 and he followed it up the next year with Friday the 13th 3. Miner is the only director to have directed more than one of the Friday the 13th series of films and both were fairly successful at the box office. In 1986 he directed House, a memorably daft comedy horror. Later that year he turned his hand to comedy with Soul Man. In 1989 he directed the action packed horror Warlock. In 1992 he tried serious drama with Forever Young.

Miner has directed a lot of television over the years but clearly has a love of horror. In 1998 he directed the long awaited Halloween H20 which was a critical failure but made many millions at the box office. Then in 1999 there was the comedy horror about a giant crocodile, Lake Placid which boasted a large budget but was roundly panned by the critics. More recently Miner directed the 2008 version of the Romero classic Day of the Dead which bears little relation to the original film and has been criticised by reviewers and fans alike.

Miner is generally not seen as a great director but he has had a long career making commercially successful films in different genres and he has contributed a lot to the horror genre in particular, most notably the birth of slasher legend Jason Vorhees who only became the hockey mask wearing psycho we know and love in Miner directed Friday the 13th 3.

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