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Michael Myers

Michael Myers was the original slasher villain and he served as the prototype for most slasher film killers who came after. He was created by John Carpenter and first appeared in the film Halloween in 1978. He has appeared in a further 8 films including all of the Halloween sequels (except the awful part 3) and the recent Halloween remake.

Myers grew up in a small town called Haddonfield and at the age of six he inexplicably knifed his older sister to death on Halloween night. After years in a mental institution where he was attended by Dr Sam Loomis Myers escaped. He returned to Haddonfield attempting to kill his younger sister Laurie on Halloween night and despatching a number of her friends in the attempt.

Writers of Halloween, John Carpenter and Debra Hill apparently named Myers after a distributor who worked with them on the film Assault on Precinct 13. Carpenter wanted the character to be a faceless malevolent evil and thought the lack of an explanation back story for his actions made the character more frightening. He cites a visit to a mental institution when he was in college as an inspiration for the character. Myers was often referred to as The Shape by the cast and crew.

Many people have donned the blank white mask over the years and Myers is not associated with any one actor. The Michael Myers mask that was used was originally a William Shatner mask which was modified and painted white.

The expressionless mask, the brutal murders, the lack of speech, the superhuman strength and the slow walk are all familiar traits in slasher film killers and they were all popularised by Myers. He never talks in any of the films except for the Rob Zombie remake which reduces him to a typical trailer trash psycho, abused by his parents and bullied at school.

Michael Myers seems to have a determination to kill the remaining members of his family and most of the films centre on this goal although there is never an explanation as to his motivations (except the daft Cult of Thorn story in part 6). He seems to be impossible to kill and survives the most severe injuries time and time again.

The original supernaturally strong and unstoppable force of evil, it is unlikely we've seen the last of Michael Myers. No amount of injury is enough to stop Michael Myers. There would be no need for a San Diego personal injury attorney in Haddonfield since no one ever survives the injuries inflicted by Michael Myers.

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