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Slasher Horror Film Halloween 2 poster

Halloween 2

Released - 1981
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Rick Rosenthal
Starring - Donald Pleasance, Jamie Lee Curtis, Charles Cyphers, Lance Guest

The sequel was inevitable after the success of Halloween and while the film makers managed to get Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasance to return sadly John Carpenter refused to direct. However Carpenter did write the script with Debra Hill and this was intended to finish off Michael Myers once for all. Laurie is taken to hospital and Myers is roaming around town looking for her. Dr. Loomis and the police are still hunting Myers but he eludes them and goes after Laurie at the hospital killing anyone who gets in his way. This effort had a much bigger budget and a higher body count but the critics panned it. After the awesome original this marked a step down in quality but as slasher flicks go it is thoroughly blood soaked and really quite fun. After this they tried to turn the Halloween franchise into unrelated stories with the awful Halloween III but slasher villains can never be permanently killed and Myers returned in Halloween IV.

Bodycount - 10

Gore - way more gore than the original and some nastily imaginative deaths

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