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Supernatural Horror Film The Gate 2 poster

The Gate 2: Trespassers

Released - 1990
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Tibor Takacs
Starring - Louis Tripp, Pamela Adlon, Simon Reynolds, James Villemaire

This is set a couple of years after The Gate and sole surviving cast member Louis Tripp reprises his role as Terry. This time he conjures a minion with the help of some dodgy local characters and they use the wee demon to grant them wishes. Naturally the wishes don't work out as they planned and Terry has to try and stop the apocalypse he has unwittingly triggered. This time around there's more character development and the cheesy demonic action takes a bit longer to get going. There are also more attempts at humour which rarely work and the lightweight kiddie feel of the original is retained. The effects are poor and instead of scares we get the odd gross out scene, while this trashy effort is far from a classic there's still some fun to be had here and like its predecessor this is suitable for kids in their early teens.

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