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Supernatural Horror Film The Gate poster

The Gate

Released - 1987
Genre - Horror
Director - Tibor Takacs
Starring - Stephen Dorff, Christa Denton, Louis Tripp, Kelly Rowan, Jennifer Irwin

This cheesy horror from the eighties is a fun nostalgia trip. Featuring best friends Glen (an extremely young Stephen Dorff) and Terry (Louis Tripp) who accidentally open a gateway to hell in Glen's back garden and have to deal with the mischievous wee demons who climb out. It's a daft premise, the script is terrible, the effects are dated and the eighties fashions are more frightening than the horror but it has a nice sense of fun and a few scares which make it a perfect introduction to the horror genre for kids in their early teens. It captures a similar mood to the classic Poltergeist but this is more lightweight and a lot cheesier.

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