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Suburban Nightmare

Released - 2004
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - Jon Keeyes
Starring - Brandy Little, Trent Haaga, Hayden Tweedie, Kimberly Grant

When I tell you that Suburban Nightmare came as a four pack with Psycho Sisters, Skin Crawl and Drainiac then you'll understand why I had low expectations. Surprisingly it is a fairly original and interesting horror drama about a couple with a terminal relationship. The fact that they are both serial killers adds a spicy element to their horribly messy break up. The cast aren't quite good enough to carry the idea and the pacing is a bit off as some sections of the movie almost seem to grind to a halt. Even with the typical low budget shortcomings this still entertained me and there are some decent twists and darkly comical moments.

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