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Supernatural Horror Film Drainiac poster


Released - 2000
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Brett Piper
Starring - Georgia Hatzis, Alexandra Boylan, Ethan Krasnoo, Samara Doucette, Rob Gorden, Steven Bornstein, Philip Barbour

With a name like Drainiac you'd be forgiven for having low expectations of this budget horror. A teen girl is commanded to clean up a broken down old house which her angry father has acquired. Some of her pals turn up to help out but the house is haunted by some kind of malevolent spirit which inhabits the water supply. This is clearly very cheap but director, Brett Piper, manages to squeeze out some impressive moments with some clever direction and the whole thing gets more interesting towards the end when the exorcist turns up. Making the most of cheap effects and using some stop go animation elevates this above most extremely low budget horror movie fare and there are sequences that are reminiscent of The Evil Dead. It's not a great film by any stretch of the imagination but it's far from the worst budget horror I've seen this week.

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