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Zombie Horror Film Return of the Living Dead 3 poster

Return of the Living Dead 3

Released - 1993
Genre - Horror, Romance
Director - Brian Yuzna
Starring - Mindy Clarke, J. Trevor Edmund, Kent McCord, Sarah Douglas

This film takes the series in a completely different direction, the comedy is gone and instead the horror is blended with romance. Curt and his girlfriend Julie break into the military installation where his father works and witness them up to their old tricks reanimating corpses with their zombie gas. When Curt crashes his bike on the way home and Julie dies he unwisely decides to use the gas on her. This is a serious horror film and there are some great zombie moments but there are also some pretty weak effects. Curt is one of the most idiotic characters ever and Julie is less like a zombie and more of a goth's wet dream. Despite the flaws this is well directed by Yuzna and the original concept makes for an entertaining horror movie which is satisfyingly dark.

Gore - plenty of gore, some good, some bad

Zombies - unusually zombie Julie is the central character and she retains some of her personality and wits after death even trying to fight the impulse to eat brains

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