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Zombie Horror Film Return of the Living Dead 2 poster

Return of the Living Dead 2

Released - 1988
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Ken Wiederhorn
Starring - James Karen, Thom Matthews, Michael Kenworthy, Thor Van Lingen, Jason Hogan, Suzanne Snyder

This time around those careless army boys manage to lose a canister of zombie inducing gas and some stupid obnoxious kids unleash it provoking another zombie outbreak. It tries to catch the same mood as the original but the gags aren't as good and the horror is gone. Even the re-appearance of James Karen and Thom Matthews playing similar but different characters can't save this from being horribly cheesy. Like many sequels this is a real disappointment, it is completely derivative and some of the scenes almost feel like a bad remake of the original film. Devoid of tension or scares this isn´t a good horror, more likely to make you groan than chuckle it isn't a good comedy either.

Gore - there is some slimy gore but it´s badly done and always accompanied by cheesy comedy

Zombies - slightly less vicious and fast than the zombies in the first film they still like to eat brains, there are also some terrible comedy zombies to contend with

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