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Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Released - 1994
Genre - Horror, Fantasy
Director - Wes Craven
Starring - Heather Langenkamp, Robert Englund, Miko Hughes, John Saxon

This film resurrected Freddy Krueger but with a new twist from original creator Wes Craven. This time a demon has chosen the character of Freddy as its portal to the real world and it sets about hunting down the original cast and director. Heather is terrorised by threatening phone calls, her son begins to act strangely and her husband is brutally killed in an accident which was obviously Krueger related. She has to reprise her role from the first film in order to fight the demon and survive. The line between fiction and reality is cleverly blurred here and Craven is able to satirise his own creation trying to make Krueger back into a scary character rather than a cheesy one liner machine. This is the best of all the sequels and it is no co-incidence that it's the only sequel written and directed by Craven.

Bodycount - 4

Gore - some decent nasty deaths with gore aplenty

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