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Slasher Horror Film A Nightmare on Elm Street 6 poster

A Nightmare On Elm Street 6: Freddy's Dead

Released - 1991
Genre - Horror, Fantasy
Director - Rachel Talalay
Starring - Robert Englund, Lisa Zane, Ricky Dean Logan, Yaphet Kotto

This uninspired effort really marks the low point for Freddy Krueger as he returns once again to murder people in their dreams. Set in a future where he has killed all the kids in Springwood Freddy has to lure more victims in. A terrible plot includes the surprise revelation that Freddy has a kid. This film lacks the usual imaginative set piece murders as he clowns around like a cartoon character accompanied by some poor visual effects. The whole film feels lifeless and the inclusion of some 3D scenes requiring the old red and green glasses does nothing to improve it. This is easily the worst of all the Nightmare films.

Bodycount - 4

Gore - some gore but the FX's are poor

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