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Cannibal Horror Film Dying Breed poster

Dying Breed

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror
Director - Jody Dwyer
Starring - Mirrah Foulkes, Leigh Whannell, Nathan Phillips, Melanie Vallejo, Bille Brown

This is a really nasty Australian horror which reminded me of Wolf Creek and it invites an obvious comparison to Deliverance as well. A bunch of city youngsters go deep into the outback in search of a mythical tiger and they find some horribly sick, inbred locals. They all act like total morons, running around blindly, antagonising the evil cannibals and as the film wears on getting captured, tortured and brutally slain. There is no originality here but the production values are high, the direction is effective, the cast fulfil their clichéd parts and the gore is very well handled. The hillbillies are thoroughly revolting and they provide lots of unpleasant moments although the film never really scares. Luckily the central characters don't give you much to root for because this mean spirited flick is not in a forgiving mood.

Gore - a fair bit of extremely realistic looking and disgusting gore here

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