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Released - 1972
Genre - Horror, Adventure, Drama
Director - John Boorman
Starring - Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox, Ed Ramey, Billy Redden

This is not strictly speaking a horror film but there is no doubt it had a huge impact on the survival horror genre. Thanks to a handful of intensely frightening scenes it cemented a public image of hillbillies as psychotic rapists and murderers which has inspired many a horror flick. The basic premise is a group of friends out on a rafting trip in backwoods America who fall afoul of some inbred locals. The rednecks are beyond unfriendly and before too long the central characters are engaged in a terrifying battle for their lives. This is superbly directed by John Boorman and features terrific acting performances from a talented cast. It remains the reason that I will never venture into backwoods America and it is far scarier than the vast majority of survival horrors because it retains a sense of reality.

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