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Supernatural Horror Film Doll Graveyard poster

Doll Graveyard

Released - 2005
Genre - Horror
Director - Charles Band
Starring - Jared Kusnitz, Gabrielle Lynn, Kristyn Green, Anna Alicia Brock, Brian Lloyd, Scott Seymour

This film kicks off with a young girl playing with her bizarrely inappropriate evil looking dolls. Her disciplinarian father catches her and is furious that she is playing in the hall yet again so he forces her to bury them in the back garden. Being maliciously evil he decides to bury her too after she slips and falls into the grave. After this ridiculous intro we fast forward to little brother and older sister as father goes out for the night. Little brother is dorky, big sister wants to get drunk with her pals and bang her boyfriend. It feels a bit like The Gate only worse. The dolls come back to life and kill off the obnoxious teens who inexplicably refuse to leave. The direction is poor, the cast are feeble and the limited gore is badly done. This completely fails on all counts as a horror movie.

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