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Bride of Chucky

This is the fourth instalment in the Chucky series featuring the twisted doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer and it's pure unashamed fun all the way with this slick slasher flick which pays homage to the horror greats.

We open on an evidence room in a police station and the camera pans across tributes to eighties horror legends including a hockey mask, a chainsaw, the mask of Michael Myers and even the glove of Freddy Krueger. A cop enters and removes a mysterious bag, it turns out at the request of Chucky's girlfriend Tiffany. She warns him not to look inside but of course he does and we have victim number one.

Chucky is in a poor state after his previous outings and Tiffany picks him up and attempts to resurrect him happily setting up her gimpish goth boyfriend as victim number two. However her happiness at being re-united doesn't last long as Chucky laughs at her longing for marriage. Tiffany is furious and she locks him away, taunting him with a female doll. Chucky has never been one to control his temper and his fitting revenge is to kill her and trap her soul in the female doll. Now the two of them have to find his amulet so they can take human form again.

The film is played for laughs and revels in the slasher genre with some inventive murder scenes and witty dialogue. Ronny Yu is a talented director and he creates an action packed celebration of eighties horror here. The tone is light weight with no real scares or tension; this is more about tongue in cheek performances from a quality cast and some spectacularly gory set-piece deaths.

Jennifer Tilly reprises her role as Tiffany with her trademark slutty girly routine. Brad Dourif is the voice of Chucky and he happily fires out one liners. John Ritter is the unfortunate Police Chief. All of the cast give hammy performances but this is obviously by design and it works very well, at least for the comedy.

In order to get to the amulet as dolls the creepy couple enlist the help of a pair of unwitting teens in love and they embark on a road trip leaving a trail of carnage in their wake. Naturally the teens come under suspicion for the murders and everything builds predictably to an explosive conclusion.

This is like a post modern tribute to eighties slashers and in fact it includes a number of other pop culture references however the obvious main inspiration is Bride of Frankenstein. While the action is satisfying and the murders well handled there is no real attempt at horror here, this is deliberately outrageous and daft. The thing is the original Chucky films are all pretty rubbish, just standard slasher clones, so this definitely stands out as something a bit different.

It can't claim to be a great horror film because it never even tries to scare you but the cast and crew are clearly aware of the daftness and instead of fighting it they roll with it. The result is an entertaining trashy, cheesy hour and a half of fun.

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