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Slasher Horror Film Bride of Chucky poster

Bride of Chucky

Released - 1998
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Ronny Yu
Starring - Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, Katherine Heigl, Nick Stabile, John Ritter

This is the fourth instalment in the Chucky series featuring the twisted doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer and it's pure unashamed fun all the way with this slick slasher flick which pays homage to the horror greats. Tiffany ends up trapped in a doll's body like her psycho boyfriend and the two of them murder their way across the country searching for an amulet which will restore their human form. It can't claim to be a great horror film because it never even tries to scare you but the cast and crew are clearly aware of the daftness and instead of fighting it they roll with it. The result is an entertaining trashy, cheesy and gory hour and a half of fun.

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Gore - loads of gore but in a fun way with over the top set-piece deaths

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