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Cannibal Horror Film Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead poster

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Released - 2009
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Declan O' Brien
Starring - Tamer Hassan, Tom Frederic, Janet Montgomery, Gil Kolirin, Louise Cliffe

Do we need a third instalment of Wrong Turn? No obviously not. The hills are still alive with the sound of murderous cannibal hillbillies and they're three-toed and look melted. It starts out in clichéd fashion with teens misbehaving in the wrong place and attracting the attention of an irritating cannibal with a hyena style laugh. Then we unexpectedly cut to prison for a few boring minutes until a bus pulls out for a prisoner transfer. Hillbilly runs the bus off the road, cue stalk and chase in the forest with an unnecessary big money find providing more incentive for the characters to escape (as though a cannibal clan chasing you isn't enough motivation). The script is terrible, the budget was obviously quite low and the effects are ropy. The acting isn't great either. If Wrong Turn 3 teaches us anything it's that hardened cons are every bit as stupid and useless as vacuous teens.

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