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Monster Horror Film Wild Country poster

Wild Country

Released - 2005
Genre - Horror
Director - Craig Strachan
Starring - Samantha Shields, Martin Compston, Peter Capaldi, Alan McHugh, Kevin Quinn, Nicola Muldoon

Teenage Glaswegian Kelly Ann reluctantly gives up her baby for adoption and then agrees to go on a hike in the Scottish countryside with some mates. They run into a werewolf intent on chomping down everything it meets and do their best to survive the night. This is a short and fast-paced wee horror which is nicely directed, very well acted and squeezes the most out of a tight budget. There are some nice touches of humour in the early part of the film and plenty of gore once the werewolf is on the rampage. It is very short and the werewolf costume isn't the greatest but it´s nice to see a Scottish horror film and rare to see something with genuine weegie accents.

Monster - it's a werewolf movie but the costumes aren´t great

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