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Released - 2005
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Jim Gillespie
Starring - Agnes Bruckner, Jonathan Jackson, Laura Ramsey, D.J. Cotrona, Rick Cramer, Meagan Good, Bijou Phillips

This atmospheric slasher is set in the swamps of Louisiana. The souls of a bunch of evil people make their way into the local tow truck driver and he starts killing everyone. The voodoo background is hokum and the side plots about the illegitimate son and the small town romance about to fail don't really matter. This is good, old-fashioned stalk-and-kill as the teens flap about like headless chickens before being brutally murdered. The killer's weapon of choice is a crowbar but switch it for a machete and give him a hockey mask and this could be a Friday the 13th movie. This is how they did it in the eighties.

Gore - lots of blood, some nasty traffic accidents and a deadly crowbar

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