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Vegas Vampires

Released - 2003
Genre - Horror
Director - Fred Williamson
Starring - Tommy Lister, Richard Roundtree, Glenn Plummer, Kristian Bernard, Daniel Baldwin

This film is so stupendously bad that you can't take your eyes off it. The plot is total muddled nonsense, a couple go to Vegas to get married, they run into a group of vampires dancing badly round a fire and then they get chased. Meanwhile some cops investigate various deaths and two cigar smoking hard case old timers go to a strip club and also run into the blood sucking horde. Eventually a combat trained nun turns up and fills them in on the vampire onslaught. How did they ever get real actors to appear in this? There are loads of familiar faces but it looks like it was made by a kid with a camcorder and then edited together in a deliberately random fashion which never comes close to working as a coherent film. Why "Tiny" Lister, Richard Roundtree or even the lesser spotted Baldwin that pops up here did this movie is a complete mystery. This truly is one of the worst films ever made.

Gore - oh dear oh dear, beyond cheap

Vampires - vampires can't dance if this film is anything to go by, the lead vampire is also extremely gay in his frilly shirt and daft make-up and he pulls comedy expressions throughout

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