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Vampire Diary

Released - 2007
Genre - Horror, Drama
Directors - Mark James, Phil O'Shea
Starring - Anna Walton, Morven Macbeth, Jamie Thomas King, Kate Sissons, Justin McDonald

Holly is a young woman living in London and making a documentary about weekend vampires. While filming in a club she meets the mysterious Vicki and the two gradually develop a relationship but when Holly's pretend vampire chums start dying in suspicious circumstances the truth about Vicki comes out. This is all shot documentary style so there are lots of handheld shots, the premise shows early promise but none of the characters are sympathetic and the story gets increasingly daft as it progresses. The acting is good for a low budget feature but due to the lack of any action and the sparse script it starts to drag after a while, this is definitely more drama than horror. There are several less than convincing plot twists before the end and by the time it got there my interest was waning.

Gore - no gore to speak of, a little blood but it's not really that kind of film

Vampires - beautiful vampire girl who shows no obvious signs of being a vampire at all other than drinking blood

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