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Trailer Park of Terror

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Steven Goldmann
Starring - Nichole Hiltz, Priscilla Barnes, Stefanie Black, Jeanette Brox, Brock Cuchna, Matthew Del Negro

This madcap blend of gory horror and comedy is based on an Imperium Comic book series. It tells the tale of Norma, a white trash blonde who tries to escape her mundane trailer park life. When her neighbours kill her boyfriend by accident she loses the plot and makes a deal with a demon returning to kill them all. Fast forward a few years and the usual band of clichéd teens led by a Christian youth leader who is trying to reform them end up visiting the park after they crash their bus. Norma and her band of redneck zombies are waiting and they're hungry for blood. This is pretty fast-paced, filled with references to the genre and mixes black comedy with gross out gore. The plot is daft and much of the action is extremely cheesy but the gore sequences are nicely done and this is crazy enough to provide some entertainment.

Gore - lots of good imaginative gross out gore and some very nasty set-piece deaths

Zombies - super cheesy comedy redneck zombies

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