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Slasher Horror Film Toolbox Murders poster

Toolbox Murders

Released - 2003
Genre - Horror, Mystery
Director - Tobe Hooper
Starring - Anglea Bettis, Brent Roam, Marco Rodriguez, Rance Howard, Juliet Landau, Adam Gierasch

Toolbox Murders focuses on a series of brutal murders which take place in a creepy old apartment building in Hollywood. Newlyweds Nell and Steve have just moved in and Nell begins to investigate the strange history of the building. Hooper's reworking of the 70's flick of the same name, is both slick and tense. Many people hailed this film as a return to form for Tobe Hooper and while I'd agree it is the best film he has made in years it is still a derivative by the numbers horror flick. It has a few silly moments and after a gritty start it tumbles increasingly into supernatural territory but it is quite tense, the murders are great and on the whole I found it entertaining.

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Gore - reminiscent of classic 80's slasher set piece deaths with plenty of gore

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