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Tomboys poster


Released - 2009
Genre - Horror
Director - Nathan Hill
Starring - Candice Day, Naomi Davis, Sash Milne, Allie Hall, Sarah Hill, Daniel Rankin

Tomboys is a nasty tale about a group of women taking revenge on a rapist. The action takes place in a barn where five women have a guy strung up and it focuses on the group dynamic as they decide what to do with him. It is a low budget Aussie flick with a splash of gore and some nice ideas but ultimately the script asks too much of the acting talent. The direction is like a tribute to older rape-revenge movies but the visual style doesn't always work. The single barn interior setting gets a bit boring and it feels drawn out at times. It's not badly made but it is unpleasant to watch and the cast don't really deliver the depth of emotion required for you to suspend disbelief.

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