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Vampire Horror Film Thirst poster


Released - 1979
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Rod Hardy
Starring - Chantal Contouri, Shirley Cameron, Max Phipps, Henry Silva, David Hemmings

This modern twist on the vampire theme starts out quite brightly with a descendant of the infamous Elizabeth Bathory being kidnapped by a weird blood drinking cult. They have a farm of drones that they "milk" for blood and they believe they are superior to the rest of humanity. The sinister introduction runs out of steam very quickly and the film descends into a deathly dull, confusing series of dream sequences and predictable chase scenes that lack tension. Why the cult spends so much time and energy on this stupid woman is never adequately explained. Thirst doesn't make much sense and despite a couple of nice ideas it is poorly executed and will probably bore you to tears.

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