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The Woods

Released - 2006
Genre - Horror, Mystery,Thriller
Director - Lucky McKee
Starring - Agnes Bruckner, Patricia Clarkson, Lauren Birkell, Emma Campbell, Bruce Campbell

Set in 1965 this film is about a girl's boarding school called Falburn Academy which is in a remote location surrounded by woods. There have been some mysterious disappearances and rumours about witches in the institution's murky history. Heather Fasulo (Bruckner) gets sent there and the head mistress seems to take a special interest in her, testing her abilities under the guise of a scholarship. Heather has visions about the woods and some kind of evil is lurking the halls but the storyline is slow to unravel. This is stylishly filmed but light on scares and the various relationships between the girls are extremely clichéd. It picks up towards the end largely because Bruce Campbell, who plays Heather's father, comes into the action and the direction and acting are quite good throughout but it is also slow, predictable and lacking in excitement and horror.

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