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Supernatural Horror Film The Witch's Sabbath poster

The Witch's Sabbath

Released - 2005
Genre - Horror
Director - Jeff Leroy
Starring - April Betts, Patrick Burdine, Eric Coffin, Gregor Collins, Christine Cowden, Ron Jeremy

A coven of witches run a strip club which they use to attract idiot punters to slaughter and sacrifice to their dark lord. This is ultra trashy with a nonsensical plot, a painfully awful script and chronically bad acting. What you do get is loads of naked big breasts and cheap blood splatter gore. Ron Jeremy provides some comic relief as a hapless bible salesman who knocks on the wrong door. There's nothing scary going on here unless you count the bad boob jobs and cringe inducing acting. This isn't a real horror film at all and if you are looking for anything more than smutty trash you won't find it here.

Gore - cheap gore aplenty, the head witch likes to pull out spines and there are several decapitations and a fair bit of blood splatter

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