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The Tripper

Released - 2006
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - David Arquette
Starring - Jaime King, Jason Mewes, Lukas Haas, Courteney Cox, Thomas Jane

This muddled slasher was written and directed by David Arquette and it features a bunch of hippies being murdered by a Ronald Reagan fanatic with an axe. When the hippies arrive for their drug and sex fuelled concert in the woods they clash with the local rednecks, there's also another sub plot about a psycho ex-boyfriend and then there's the Ronald Reagan serial killer. There are plenty of murders, some nudity and sex and a bit of gore but the film is disjointed and there is no tension at all. Mostly it seems to be aiming for comedy and despite a few funny lines in the script it doesn't raise many laughs. The direction is poor and much of the editing feels random. The result is a bunch of slasher film cliches packed into a very forgettable film.

Gore - limbs and heads chopped off, lots of stabbing

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