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Psychological Horror Film The Toybox poster

The Toybox

Released - 2005
Genre - Horror
Director - Paolo Sedazzari
Starring - Claudine Spiteri, Elliott Jordan, Craig Henderson, Suzanne Bertish, Heather Chasen, Christopher Terry

This is an extremely low budget effort but if you can see your way past the amateurish acting and ropy camera work it is more interesting than your average low budget release. It starts with two weird kids home alone and then skips forward to the girl, now grown up, as she brings her boyfriend home from university for the weekend. The dysfunctional family are getting together for Christmas but they are all unhinged and things soon come unglued and get very messy. The script has some nice touches and the film feels original, sadly the production values let it down badly and the finale is less than impressive. Not often you see a bizarre British horror flick nowadays, low budget or otherwise so this is a curiosity.

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