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Slasher Horror Film The Tooth Fairy poster

The Tooth Fairy

Released - 2006
Genre - Horror
Director - Chuck Bowman
Starring - Lochlyn Munro, Chandra West, Steve Bacic, Nicole Munoz, Jianna Ballard, Carrie Fleming

This straight to DVD low budget slasher flick is a mildly entertaining tale about a about an old witch who collects the last baby tooth of her child victims before killing them and trapping their souls in purgatory. Peter (played by the likeable Lochlyn Munro) is fixing up a run down old house as a B&B and his girlfriend and her daughter Pam come and stay for the weekend. The house used to belong to the hideously deformed witch and she sets about killing them all in a typical slasher format. The script is terrible and despite a reasonably good cast I had a hard time believing these characters. There are clichéd plot points aplenty and the director fails to build any tension. On the plus side there are a couple of decent gory murders and if you just want some mindless entertainment this is reminiscent of the throwaway slashers that were churned out through the eighties.

Gore - the gore is quite decent with some hatchet action, a nail gun and a wood chipper all coming into play

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