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Sci-Fi Horror Film The Thing poster

The Thing

Released - 1982
Genre - Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Director - John Carpenter
Starring - Kurt Russell, Richard A. Dysart, Donald Moffat, Wilford Brimley

The Thing is possibly John Carpenter's finest work; a gripping tale which follows a band of scientists in the Antarctic who cross paths with a shape-shifting creature intent on consuming them all. They are able to piece together the evidence gradually that this creature is some kind of crash landed alien with the ability to perfectly imitate any life form it is able to assimilate. This means anyone left alone with the creature for a while could be one of "The Things" and so paranoia ensues. The result is a genuinely scary and extremely slick horror film.

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Bodycount - 21

Gore - quite a bit of gore and grotesque special FX

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