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Sci-Fi Horror Film The Stuff poster

The Stuff

Released - 1985
Genre - Horror, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Director - Larry Cohen
Starring - Michael Moriarty, Andrea Marcovicci, Garrett Morris, Paul Sorvino, Danny Aiello

When a mysterious white goo starts bubbling from the earth a miner has a taste and finds it is delicious. It's soon being extracted on an industrial scale and packaged like ice cream to be sold to the masses as a dessert. The Stuff is tasty and addictive and if you eat too much of it you become a mindless drone. This is a tongue-in-cheek satirical poke at mass consumerism and it's pretty campy stuff as a strange group of rebels come together to bring down the evil corporation raking in the profits by selling a deadly parasite as a delicious dessert. Moriarty is good as the sarcastic Texan anti-hero and Sorvino's turn as a paranoid, self-appointed general and protector of the American people is weird. The effects are a mixed bag, some good, and some bad. It's definitely dated but the message still applies and it's fun.

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