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The Redsin Tower

Released - 2006
Genre - Horror
Director - Fred Vogel
Starring - Bethany Newell, Perry Tiberio, Jessica Kennedy, Meghan O'Halloran

The Redsin Tower has the cliched eighties set-up as a group of teens go to a haunted tower to smoke pot, get drunk and have sex and instead get brutally killed. We kick off with Kim breaking up with her nerdy boyfriend Mitch and taking off for a party with her slutty mate and a bunch of guys she just met. They decide to go to the local haunted tower and almost immediately upon arriving they start getting possessed and all sorts of gory and vile things kick off. The acting is awful, the plot falls apart and the direction and editing really need some work. The director has a terrible habit of letting scenes go on for too long to the point where you're completely turned off to the close-up of a bloody woman screaming and wondering when the hell the next scene might start. This is also trying too hard to be disgusting, the demonic rape scene followed by maggoty vaginal discharge was a step too far for my tastes.

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