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Supernatural Horror Film The Prophecy II poster

The Prophecy II

Released - 1998
Genre - Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
Director - Greg Spence
Starring - Christopher Walken, Russell Wong, Jennifer Beals, Brittany Murphy, Eric Roberts

With the originality and style of The Prophecy the sequel was always going to struggle to match up. The Prophecy II was a straight to video release but they did manage to persuade Christopher Walken to reprise his role as Gabriel and that is the film's saving grace. The set up involves an angel called Danyael impregnating a human woman and the child is set to be mankind's saviour. To throw a spanner in the works Lucifer boots Gabriel out of hell and he goes after the child in his crusade against us "monkeys" (humanity). It plays out like a standard thriller with Gabriel in Terminator mode hunting the pregnant woman. He keeps the suicidal Izzy (Brittany Murphy) alive as a sidekick but things don't get really interesting until the final showdown in Eden.

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