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The People Under the Stairs

Released - 1991
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Wes Craven
Starring - Brandon Quintin Adams, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, A.J. Langer, Ving Rhames

A ghetto kid named Fool is roped into helping his sister's boyfriend to rob their landlord's house. Unfortunately for them the wealthy couple are psychotic sadists and their house is geared up as a prison for anyone daft enough to venture in. The sick owners are keeping kids locked up in the cellar and Fool feels obliged to try and help them, he teams up with their abused daughter, Alice along the way. This is really sick and violent in places and as the story unwinds it reveals itself to be increasingly warped. There is a kind of inverted fairytale at work here and an attempt at social commentary with the horribly impoverished Fool and his family but the message is lost amidst the gruesome humour. It is action packed, highly original, well acted and nicely directed by Craven but it is also silly and more than a bit mad.

Gore - there are a few bits and pieces but on the whole this is not a gory film

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