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Serial Killer Film The Lodger poster

The Lodger

Released - 2009
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - David Ondaatje
Starring - Alfred Molina, Hope Davis, Shane West, Simon Baker, Donal Logue, Philip Baker Hall, Rachael Leigh Cook

Have there been enough films about Jack the Ripper? Yes there have. Do we want a modernised Ripper clone committing murders in LA? No we don't. Well tough because that's the idea behind The Lodger. The name refers to the mysterious lodger suspect in the original Ripper case. I expected quality because Alfred Molina plays the lead cop, typically grizzled with a mad wife and daughter that hates him. Sadly even Alfred couldn't exalt this messy, overly contrived thriller. The acting is very good throughout from an excellent cast but the story leaves much to be desired and the direction is slow and boring. There simply isn't much tension or mystery despite some ham-fisted attempts to throw a few red herrings at the audience.

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