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Sci-Fi Horror Film The Invisible Man poster

The Invisible Man

Released - 1933
Genre - Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director - James Whale
Starring - Claude Rains, Gloria Stuart, William Harrigan, Henry Travers, Una O'Connor, Forrester Harvey

This is a terrific old black and white film based on the classic H.G. Wells tale. It opens with Dr. Jack Griffin, the invisible man, arriving at an inn in a small town during the winter. He takes a room and begins to work on his experiments seeking a formula to reverse his condition. The problem is the formula he has taken to bring on the invisibility has also driven him insane and as he contemplates his potential power he becomes drunk with the possibilities. When the innkeeper confronts him about an unpaid bill he embarks on a vicious murder spree. The police are hilariously useless and Griffin runs rings around them but ultimately his arrogance proves to be his downfall. The special effects may be dated but they are effective and the film has some genuinely chilling moments as the homicidal Griffin laughs maniacally and torments the people around him. Rains gives a fantastic performance as Griffin and this makes for an extremely entertaining 71 minutes.

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