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Sci-Fi Horror Film The Fury poster

The Fury

Released - 1978
Genre - Horror, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director - Brian De Palma
Starring - Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes, Amy Irving, Charles Durning, Andrew Stevens

Ex-government agent Peter (Kirk Douglas) relentlessly pursues his kidnapped son Robin who has been snatched by a secret agency intent on harnessing his psychic abilities for evil ends. He enlists the help of an insider at the Paragon Institute and evades the shadowy agency. There is also a young girl with similar powers who is new at the institute and she is able to see what happened to Robin. The plot is seriously murky and quite confusing. The action packed sequences with Douglas are a lot of fun and there are touches of comedy in his exploits but they don't sit well with the psychic creepiness and the, now dated, gory death scenes. De Palma directs well but the pacing is off. He has a great cast here and a score by John Williams so this had real potential but in the end the script really lets it down.

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