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Monster Horror Film The Descent: Part 2 poster

The Descent: Part 2

Released - 2009
Genre - Horror, Adventure
Director - Jon Harris
Starring - Shauna Macdonald, Michael J. Reynolds, Jessika Williams, Natalie Jackson Mendoza

The original film The Descent was a really decent wee horror flick. It seems unlikely that it was ever intended to be anything other than a one off. Of course any horror film that makes money is doomed to sequel city and so we get The Descent: Part 2. Neil Marshall wrote and directed the original but this effort has 3 writers listed and is directed by first timer, Jon Harris. The flimsy plot is garbage as they drag down the hapless Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) back into the depths of the caves she has just escaped. There's a gnarly old sheriff who thinks she killed her friends, a sympathetic female deputy and a couple of rescue squad caving experts. As Sarah's unexplained plot device....I mean amnesia.... wears off she goes feral again and the shapes lurking in the darkness begin to pick off the cast. It completely fails to capture the claustrophobia or tension of the original and instead wedges in some inappropriate gross out gore. They even manage to ruin the original storyline completely with a stupid surprise character and an ending which is presumably supposed to be moving but comes off as stupid. As I would have advised Sarah, given the chance, if you've already made it out of those caves alive - don't go back. Well the same applies for fans of the first film.

Monster - extremely pale, blind humanoids on a seperate evolutionary path and adapted to live underground

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