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Zombie Horror Film The Dead Next Door poster

The Dead Next Door

Released - 1989
Genre - Horror
Director - J.R. Bookwalter
Starring - Pete Ferry, Bogdan Pecic, Michael Grossi, Jolie Jackunas, Scott Spiegel

This is micro-budget zombie epic that has garnered cult status somewhere along the way. The basic premise involves a zombie death squad versus a suicidal zombie loving cult in a post apocalyptic world. The ideas are great, the problem is the acting is hideous, the whole budget obviously went on the gore, which is awesome, but they clearly didn't have anything left over for any other aspect of the film. Things get even cheesier when it comes to the character names (Raimi, Savini, Carpenter). I wanted to enjoy this but truthfully it doesn't do enough to suspend your disbelief. It's a curiosity and some horror fans will want to check it out for other reasons (Sam Raimi helped fund it and Bruce Campbell does a voiceover).

Gore - there is lots of crazy gore and it is well done for a budget feature

Zombies - these zombies can do all sorts of things that zombies shouldn't be able to do

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