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Slasher Horror Film The Cabin in the Woods poster

The Cabin in the Woods

Released - 2012
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Drew Goddard
Starring - Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Sigourney Weaver

You don't get many genuinely entertaining horror movies with an original plot, a great cast and witty writing so you can't afford to miss The Cabin in the Woods. This is a real horror fan's film packed with references to the genre and plenty of parody. For me it was definitely more comedy than horror but there is plenty of gore and spooky shenanigans. The pace is exhilarating and it doesn't let up which doesn't really allow any tension to build and, along with some great gags in the script, that accounts for the hilarity over horror. Goddard and Whedon created a slick script and you can shrug off the plot holes because the cast is spot on and it's more loving homage than snarky satire. The less you know about it before you see it the better, just go and see it, you won't be disappointed.

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