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Monster Horror Film The Burrowers poster

The Burrowers

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Western
Director - J.T. Petty
Starring - Clancy Brown, Doug Hutchison, William Mapother, Karl Geary

Set in the Wild West of 1879 this horror/western focuses on a band of hapless cowboys. We open with a family being slaughtered. When their remains are discovered, minus some presumed kidnapped young girls, it is naturally assumed that the "injuns" are the varmints responsible. A posse sets out to find them, but they run into more than they bargained for when they meet the real culprits. The cast is solid and there are some genuinely creepy ideas in play. Unfortunately the plot is muddled and the pacing is a bit off. It is quite tense in places and the attempt at real horror is to be commended, but over exposure of the CG creatures towards the end spoils things a bit.

Gore - there are a few CG blood splatteringly nasty scenes

Monster - in glimpses these things are creepy looking but the CG animation is not great and they get too much screen time towards the end

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