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Supernatural Horror Film The Borderlands poster

The Borderlands

Released - 2013
Genre - Horror, Mystery
Director - Elliot Goldner
Starring - Gordon Kennedy, Robin Hill, Aidan McArdle

We're all sick of found footage horrors, and creepy churches have been done to death, but somehow this indie gem combines the pair and conjures up a seriously unsettling film. The action follows a couple of Vatican investigators and the tech guy they hire to fit up the cameras, as they respond to reports of paranormal activity at a small church in the West Country. Deacon, ably played by Gordon Kennedy is the real star of the show, but Robin Hill provides some good comic support. Director and writer, Elliot Goldner, really squeezes every ounce of possible creep factor from the setting and the slow build up establishes a strong sense of reality with the characters that really draws you in. This is especially recommended for British horror fans.

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